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Bang Saray coastal part is a gateway to the sea, making it a top tourist destination; this area boasts of a number of hotels and pubs that spring up by the day.

The sand on Bang Saray Beach is considered the best on Thailand’s eastern coast, yet the water rushes right up to the promenade during high tide, so you won’t see much of it. Even in the height of the tourist season, there are more local families and fishermen than tourists, owing to the scarcity of hotels in the area. However, there are a few new ones under construction, as well as some condo projects, so make plans to visit soon to enjoy this serene setting.

The neighborhood has a number of retail outlets (shops, stores); these stores are going to areas for residents. These stores are not as big and attractive as the big malls in Central Pattaya.

Bang Saray place is unique with a more modern infrastructure. And even though it is on the coastline, it has a very distinct feature. It is calm, with a small population, no crowd from tourists. In addition to the calm  it is just a stone’s throw away from the beach. It is also close to other tourist attractions within Pattaya spots like parks and temples as well as other beautiful resorts.

Staying in Bang Saray means that you will enjoy calm while maintaining access to fun hotspots in the center of Pattaya.

The above reason is probably why Bang Saray is witnessing fast development and new condominiums springing up, as it gradually becomes an inner-city resort.

This area is completely different from other parts of Pattaya; there are no large hotel complexes or malls; this is probably because there are few tourists here. The majority of people staying here are either natives or temporary residents known as winterers. They are only in Thailand to spend a few months in a year. Its entire setup makes it very suitable for older couples and families with children.

Anybody can stay here, especially people who enjoy the bustle and nightlife of the center but want to stay far away and enjoy peaceful living while driving down to the fun hotspot anytime they want.


Places to Visit Bang Saray

Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai)

The Wat Phra Ya is not too far from Bang Saray; it will take you a few minutes to get there by car. The magnificent 18-meter-tall golden statue of the Buddha has a very peaceful feel for both relaxation and meditation. It is precisely located on the wooded Pratamnak Hill south of Pattaya. You will enjoy climbing the steep stairs that are adorned with golden Naga snakes on both sides; you will be able to see the statue up close as well as the smaller Buddhas around.

It is not just big and beautiful for aesthetic sake; it also has religious significance. You will see many locals around the statue praying for good health, prosperity, and happiness. From the top of the hill, you will see the entire Pattaya. If you don’t fancy taking the long walk up the hill, you can board a taxi to take you up the stairs to the statue.


Underwater World

Underwater is a great place to visit for people who are fascinated by everything underwater. Although not as big as aquariums, underwater houses are different sea creatures from diverse underwater habitats. Around Pattaya, there is a modern aquarium; here, you are allowed to feed the koi fish from bottles and even get close to the sharks and rays; it even allows you close enough to feel the texture of these sea creatures at the touch pool.

If you stay in Bang Saray, you can drive down here and see the largest jellyfish collection in the whole of Thailand. It is fun and educational, a cool place for the weekend.


Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach is the closest true White-Sand-Beach you find near Pattaya and is located just south of Bang Saray. The Beach is situated inside the Naval Base and there is a small entrance fee for foreign adults visitors. The beach is very popular among both Thai and foreign tourists. 

Places to Dine in and around Bang Saray

The Beach Restaurant

On Pattaya’s Bang Saray Beach, The Beach Bang Saray is a fantastic restaurant and beach bar. Located just a few meters from the lovely Bang Saray Beach, you may enjoy a day on the sand while admiring the ocean view and return to the Beach Bang Saray just in time for a wonderful supper or refreshing drink while watching the sunset.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of delectable Thai and European dishes, as well as desserts and beverages. Every day, all ingredients are purchased fresh from local markets to ensure the highest quality.

The Beach Restaurant sits a few meters from the water at the north end of Bang Saray beach. Beautiful sunsets may be seen across the Gulf of Thailand, with Jomtien beach and Pattaya in the background.

Cars, minivans, and tour buses can all park off the road. Please use our reservation form to make a reservation.

You can order a variety of drinks as well as a light lunch or snack at the beach bar. There is also an interior bar area with a wide-screen TV where live Premier League matches are broadcast at night.

Because the Beach Bang Saray is close to Nong Nooch Town, it is a wonderful idea to visit the beach after visiting the village for a delicious supper and a spectacular view.


The Glass House

This beautiful restaurant is open between  11:00 – 24:00 all day of the week, including weekends; it is located around  5/22 Moo 2 (opposite Alangkarn Theatre), Na Jomtien; you can book a table by calling  +66 (0)3 825 5922.


Suttangrak Pattaya

Opening Hours are as follows: Mon – Thu 12:00 – 24:00, Fri – Sun 12:00 – 01:00, they sell amazing Thai see foods native to Pattaya, this beautiful restaurant is located around  99 Moo 1 Jomtien Beach Road, Na Jomtien. You can call +66 (0)3 823 2222, +66 (0)85 066 6600 for bookings.

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Bang Saray

Bang Saray, Pattaya

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